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The Oregon Doula Association serves as a unifying, inclusive, statewide professional organization for all doulas. We provide support and resources for doulas. We publicly educate on and advocate for the benefits of doula care.


We want every doula working in Oregon to have the support and resources to succeed in a sustainable career.

We want every family in Oregon to have equal access to compassionate and professional doula care, allowing them to feel supported, empowered and safe. This will result in improved health outcomes and equity for all parents and babies.

Goals & Values

We represent the mutual interests of Oregon doulas through collaborative dialogue, professional development, and supportive resources.

We advocate for the increased integration of all doulas as the standard of care in maternity care. we do this through public relations activities and education to families, care providers, third-party payers, and healthcare systems.

We aim to enable doulas to be fully and appropriately integrated with sustainable careers in the maternity care system through involvement in state legislation, policy formation, grant writing, and activism.

We work to improve professional standards, endorse appropriate scopes of practice, and uphold professional codes of ethics.

We are an inclusive organization that actively seeks to foster diversity. We include peer support practices among individuals and families of any social identity, worldview, and background.

We will improve maternal and infant health outcomes, ensure health equity, and practice evidence-based maternity care for Oregon families.

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Oregon Doula Association is a non-profit organization. 8816 SE Knapp Street, Portland, OR 97266



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